Working With An Intuitive Coach

An intuitive coach is one who helps you make changes in your life.  Using the gift of knowing we can go deep into the subconscious and release emotional blocks and pains from the past that have kept you from living your best life.

intuitive coach
As we work together we build on successes we’ve already experienced as emotional healing is cumulative. You become the instrument for change in your own life. It’s totally empowering. The reason the change is soooo powerful is because it’s ALL about you. It  happens on the inside. (You are totally in control of your journey.) We begin by tuning you into your own self. You begin to recognize the connects and the disconnects. We give you tools to further develop your own intuition.

The blocks we look to remove have often gotten in the way of joy, happiness, health and relationships.  Removing these blocks allows all these possibilities back into your life. I have knowledge from school and experience from life and yet when we start a session I show up for you in the purest form of self help: Your own guidance

I work intuitively because I trust your spirit to tell my spirit what you need to know for your highest good..  Often when I’m working with someone they are having “aha” moments because, the guidance that comes through me, is from their own spirit, your higher self if you will.

You experience an epiphany or some type of affirmation because much of the information is already known to you…on some level.  It’s my job to work with you and bring this information through and help you understand it’s meaning. Often bringing the information from your subconscious to your conscious mind.

This kind of personal healing is very rewarding and transformative. Sometimes funny, spirit has quite a sense of humor, other times the process is tearful and perhaps more challenging. The goal is always the same. We are looking to remove blocks that have kept you from living your best life.

We work together with a variety of different tools and techniques.  Meditation, breathing exercises, visualizations, past life regressions, compassionate listening and other release techniques. Often finding the root cause, the point of conception or the beginning of an issue and following the guidance to resolve it. Connecting your body, mind and spirit, for healing, health and a happiness.

As you self correct, this brings you back into balance, a place of peace and sense of connectedness with your spirit. Our work together is enlightening and empowering with the core understanding…


Incredible Change In My Life

Celia has had such an impact on my life.  I have not been feeling great about myself for many of my decisions throughout my life.  Since I started meeting with Celia,  I have put in the work and it opened up my eyes and heart to things I needed to see in order to feel better about myself and start making better decisions for my future and also how I interact with people in my life.   I will take these guidance’s with me throughout the rest of my life.  Its never too late and Celia helped me through that.  I am so lucky to have found her.


If You Want To Feel Empowered- Celia is it!

” Once again, thanks for your help, insights and caring. I must say that whenever I finish a conversation with you, I feel so empowered and calm. And you make me feel like everything is going to be okay. This is a gift you have… and I am happy that you’ve shared it with me.”

– Tami (New York) 

Beyond Awesome To Work With!

” Quite frankly, Celia rocks. You always help to guide people including me to the path, that’s right for the individual. You helped me find my inner strength and Love and light is now a part of my daily prayers. I have learned to listen to my inner voice and heart first, all because of my dear friend Celia. Thank you Celia for this wonderful gift. My soul sister, friend, teacher, guide, mentor. Love you bunches.”

– Bridget (Illinois)