If you have ever thought you should or could be happier than you are, you’re probably right.

Private Sessions Available

We work together on the mental, emotional and physical aspects in your life. With an emphasis  on a mind-body-spirit awareness.  This can  bridge the gaps between healing, health and happiness. Working this way will empower you to becoming the best version of yourself!

Private sessions are for individuals and/or couples

Our initial sessions are usually two hours.  As you progress on your healing journey you will feel lighter, more empowered and better able to hold the healing energy of love for yourself. When you do, our sessions will become fewer and further between. Of course you can always go at your own pace and schedule appointments as needed.

Ready to get started on your healing journey? Great! If you would, go to the let’s connect page  and fill out the form. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Kudos to you for taking the first step!

Achieving Your Inner Happiness Today!

When I am working with a client I combine my formal education with training, experiences and my intuitive gifts to help the client recognize blocks in the mental, emotional and physical bodies; release these inferences through any number of tools and techniques and then consciously replace this space with love and light.

This gives the client an opportunity to actively participate in their healing. To gain their own insight and understanding of the imbalances that they have been living with. Teaching the client tools and techniques for self-help.

So much of healing is forgiveness of self and others and letting go of the pains of the past. With this, you are able to shift your perception about a situation or experience. Truly we all want the same thing; to love and to be loved.

Everyone benefits from reducing the stress in their lives, releasing emotional blocks and creating internal balance. Often life feels too much like a struggle. At that time, one could use a little help and a plan for a brighter future. Your inner strength needs to be developed so you can call upon it in challenging times and dare to dream, to achieve success and greater personal growth.


My passion is in helping others see the beauty in themselves…