Only Love Heals

… an idea who’s time has come






What if I told you that there are two types of energy on the planet?  The energy of love and the energy of fear?   Any emotion you could have falls under one or the other and if it’s not love then it is fear.

Every human being on earth has a basic desire to love and to be loved.  There is too much pain and suffering in the world. Pain and suffering is caused by fear energies of hate and separation. Only love heals, the energy of compassion, hope and understanding for yourself and others.  The more you love yourself the more love you have to share.

Only love heals is an idea which was born out of countless sessions with clients who were struggling with many different things. The guidance came through over and over again that if you want to feel better, you have to let go of the painful emotions which are fear based.  Only the energy of love heals your painful past.


It begins with us. When we learn to forgive ourselves and others we can learn to accept ourselves and love ourselves and others, because only love heals.

Learning to love yourself is a process, a journey.  Sometimes you have to know who you’re not to then know who you are. You will discover new things about yourself underneath sometimes piles of rubble you call your past. It’s a journey of self discovery. Clients report feeling more alive, more balanced and happier than they ever have before. —> Check out Personal Transformation Stories!

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