In the power of the human spirit and it’s ability to overcome challenges; mentally, emotionally and physically. I work to inspire clients to create healing, health and happiness in their lives.


I’m an Intuitive Coach

An Intuitive Coach is someone who can help to facilitate change in your life and help you to tune into your own intuition!


Working this way can empower you toward becoming the best version of yourself! You will learn to recognize and release old fears that have fueled self-doubt, self-destruction and self-defeating behaviors. Learn to accept and love yourself, maybe for the first time ever. Only the energy of love heals. If you have ever thought you should or could be happier than you are, you’re probably right. You can discover your true self. You can create your authentic life and can love the life you live!


Struggling with food issues for most of my life, overeating, under eating, yo-yo dieting, and ultimately an eating disorder, led me to studies in Nutrition where I earned a PhD in Holistic Nutrition in an effort to help myself.

Healthier but not yet “cured”, I sought traditional therapy which led me to non-traditional therapy and the opening up of a whole new world. There were books, lectures, and workshops. There were Energy workers and Healers.

I craved information. My personal library read like the Who’s Who of self-help. I was a sponge, absorbing as much as I could. I wanted to learn to help myself so I could help others.  I became certified in multiple healing modalities, taking classes and workshops so I could be happy, healthy and whole…mind, body and soul.

I remember one of the workshops I was in in 2004. I was learning a specific technique. It had seventeen steps from start to finish. I was having the toughest time remembering all the steps. I kept thinking, there has to be an easier way. In my head I heard “We can do it in three”. I laughed and thought, could it be that simple?  Do we make things more complicated than they have to be?

When I am working with a client my intuition comes in and the information flows. What the client needs to hear at that time, and what is in their highest good, is what comes through.

During a session we will go for the root cause of each and every  issue, whether it be a misunderstanding, a misconception, a trauma or other issue and resolve it the way your spirit wants to with love and light!  #onlyloveheals