Meet Celia

Hi! I’m Celia, an Intuitive Coach, seeker of wisdom and eternal optimist, dedicated to helping you discover your inner beauty, joy and passion in life. Born and raised in New York, I followed my heart to the Pacific Northwest to pursue my dreams of living closer to nature. 

As far back as I can remember I have been helping people. Sometimes it was in small gestures, a smile, baked cookies, conversation with a stranger. Always the same idea of wanting them to FEEL connected, welcome and part of something exciting!

Later in life when I was faced with challenges and overcoming them, I discovered I had a real heartfelt compassion for people and their well-being. When I met someone who was struggling, I seemed to know the right thing to say, to make them feel better! It didn’t matter what they were struggling with, after our conversations they ALWAYS felt better! I thought to myself, I could use this gift of intuition to help people!

                                   Love and Light – Celia

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